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1990 - Forbidden Nights: Set in China after Tianammen Square

1997 – A Child’s Wish: Featuring President Bill Clinton

1994 – Fall from Grace: A US/French co-production. With Michael York, James Fox, Tara Fitzgerald

1989 – The Shell Seekers: Based on a best selling novel by Rosamund Pilcher. With Angela Lansbury, Sam Wannamker, Patricia Hodge

1988 – Killer Instinct: With Melissa Gilbert

1987 – Down Payment on Murder: With Ben Gazzara

1987 – Intimate Contact: One of the first films to address heterosexual AIDS and its effects on a family. With Daniel Milssey and Claire Bloom

1986 – When The Bough Breaks: With Ted Danson

1985 – Arch of Triumph: From the novel by Erich Maria Remarque. Starring Anthony Hopkins.

1985 – Surviving: With Ellen Burstyn, Len Cariou, Molly Ringwald, River Phoenix

1985 – Copacabana: Emmy Award-winning musical with Barry Manilow

1983 – Winter of our Discontent: From John Steinbeck’ s book, with Donald Sutherland

1982 – Coming Out of the Ice: Set in Stalinist Russia and a Siberian labour camp. With John Savage, Willy Nelson, Francesca Annis, Ben Cross

1981 – The Henderson Monster

1979 – Death Penalty: With Colleen Dewhurst

1976 – Sarah: Broadway actress Zoe Caldwell plays Sarah Bernhardt as she prepares for her role as Elizabeth T. Filmed in a week!

1972 – Divorce His- Divorce Hers:  Two 2 hour films, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton


1978 – Edward and Mrs. Simpson: Edward Fox as Edward VIII, Cynthia Harris as Mrs Simpson. A 7 part Thames TV series which took a year to prepare. Scripted by Simon Raven from France Donaldson’s best selling biography. With Peggy Ashcroft, Nigel Hawthorne. Waris won BAFT A and Emmy awards for this.

1977 – Three Weeks: Elinor Glyn’s novel, part of a series. With Simon MacCorkindale and Elizabeth Shepherd.

1976 – The Glittering Prizes: This was a seminal series in 6 episodes written by Frederic Raphael (who later wrote ” Eyes Wide Shut” with Stanley Kubrick).

1975 – Notorious Woman: A seven part series on the life of Georges Sand.With Rosemary Harris, Jeremy Irons (as Liszt), George Chakiris (as Chopin), Sinead Cusack, Cathleen Nesbit

1974 – Shoulder to Shoulder: A six part series about the Suffragette movement, produced by Verity Lambert.With Sian Philips, Judy Parfitt, Angela Down


1988 – Onassis: The Richest Man In The World: Based on a book by Peter Evans, this movie followed the life of Aristotle Onassis from his boyhood in Smyrna to his death: With Raul Julia as Onassis, Jane Seymour as Callas, Francesca Annis as Jackie.

1983 – Princess Daisy: This was a mini series in the grand tradition of popular fiction penned by Judith Krantz and adapted expertly by Diana Hammond. With Stacey Keach, Rupert Everett, Claudia Cardinale

1982 – Little Gloria, Happy at Last: Based on Barbara Goldsmith’s best selling novel and adapted by William Hanley, this was the true story of the notorious custody battle in the 30s over the child Gloria Vanderbilt between her mother Gloria and her aunt Gertrude Whitney. With.Bette Davis, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Plummer, Glynis Johns, Lucy Gutteridge.

1981 – Callie and Son: Texan saga from the pen of Thomas Thompson (of “Serpentine” fame). With Lindsay Wagner, Michelle Pfieffer.

1989 – Those She Left Behind:Colleen Dewhurst in an Emmy award winning performance, part of a triple hander.

1980 – Baby Comes Home Colleen Dewhurst and Warren Oates

1979 – And Baby Makes Six Colleen Dewhurst and Warren Oates


Vintage years of UK playwrights and novelists writing specifically for television, in the BBC series “Play For Today” and “The Wednesday Play” (The BBC erased almost all this material!). Three original plays by Simon Gray:

  • Death of A Teddy Bear: With Brenda Bruce, Hywcll Bennett, and Rachel Kempson.
  • Sleeping Dog: With Rachel Kempson, Marius Goring and Johnny Sekka.
  • Spoiled: With Simon Ward,Michael Craig and Elizabeth Shepherd.

Two plays by Hugh Whitemore:

  • Angus Slowly Sinking: With Joss Ackland, Rosemary Leach and Richard Eyre, later to run the National Theatre, in a small role as a BBC TV drama director!
  • Macready’s Gala

John Braine’s A Sixpence for Sheila Rachel in Danger: John Bowen For “Play of the Month” (BBC):

St Joan: with Janet Suzman, John Gielgud, Colin Blllkeley, Michtel Craig.

Girls In Uniform: With Virginia McKenna, Francesca Annis, Rachel Kempson, Sonia Dresdel

Days In The Tees: A TV adaptation of the stage play by Marguerite Duras. With Peggy Ashcroft. Directed originally by John Schlesinger in a Royal Shakespeare Company production.

Hedda Gabler: Ibsen’s classic play has been performed in many different interpretations. Waris based his visuals on paintings by Edvard Munch. With Janet Suzman, Ian McKellen, Jane Asher, Tom Bell

A Passage To India: E.M.Foster’s view of India with Zia Moheyddin, Sybil Thorndike, Cyril Cusack, Virginia McKenna and Michael Bates.