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1978 Emmy and BAFTA Awards: Edward and Mrs Simpson

1985 Emmy: Best Musical Drama: Copacabana

1985 Humanitas Certificate: Surviving

1997 Orristopher Award: A Child’s Wish

1993 BAFTA Nomination for Clothes in the Wardrobe

1999 EMMA: Sixth Happiness

2000 A Lifetime Achievement Award in the UK for his contribution
to media and multicultura1ism

Nominations and Awards for his Actors and Team:

  • 1998 Ann Margaret nominated for an Emmy for her role as Pamela Harriman in Life of the Party.
  • 1989 Colleen Dewhurst, Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in Those She Left Behind.
  • 1988 Jane Seymour, Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a mini­-series in Onassis:The Richest Man in the World
  • 1982 Julia Weiss, Emmy nomination for costumes in Little Gloria, Happy at Last.